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Banned In Boston 2014 Cast


Master of Ceremonies: Matt Siegel


Cast Introductions/“Banned in Boston’s Here Again”


Sports App Commercial


“Bay State”

Governor Deval Patrick and Diane Patrick


House of Cahds

Frank: Ray Magliozzi                       

Claire: Sonia Chang-Díaz                             

Guy Carrying Bucket: Paul Grogan              

Guy in Suit 1: Tom Stemberg                       

Guy in Suit 2: Tommy Amaker                    

Meechum (Secret Service Agent): Jeff Fagnan

Woman in Suit: Ayanna Pressley

Trashy Girl 1: Katherine Stemberg

Trashy Girl 2: Alli Achtmeyer

Trashy Girl 3: Trish Hegarty

Piper: Jenny Johnson


Come Back to Logan Commercial


“Love Lettahs”

JW Carney:  Dick Friedman             

Whitey Bulger: Harry McEnerny

Catherine Greig: Kathy St. George


The Little Bachelorette

Host:  Carol Fulp                               

Marmie: Rosabeth Moss Kanter       

Papa: Paul Grogan                 

The Little Women: Diane Hessan, Anita Walker, Kristina Lyons, Lisa Pierpont (Beth)

Heathcliff: Sam Kennedy

Rob Ford: Bill Achtmeyer

John Wilkes Booth: Tom Hamilton


Cuisine Rock

Hosts: Matt Siegel & Ray Magliozzi


Use Your Words 

Burt:  Jared Bowen                

Judge: JC Monahan               

David: Ron Druker               

Margaret: Martha Coakley

Security Guard: Harry McEnerny

Kevin: Dick Friedman    

Erin: Valerie Roberson

David’s Dad: Michael Maso 



Anchors: Charlie Baker, David Gergen, Jim McGovern, Anita Walker


“You’re Gonna Hear From Warren”

Senator Elizabeth Warren: Kathy St. George

The Warrenettes: Melissa Carubia, Jenny Lifson, Merle Perkins, Veronica Wells, Holly Tarnower

Law and Disorder
Katherine: Katherine Stemberg        
Julia: Alli Achtmeyer            
Agent Jones: Ray Magliozzi
Agent Smith: Bill Achtmeyer
Chelsea: Anne Hawley
Assorted Agents: Tommy Amaker, Jeff Fagnan, Sam Kennedy, Harry McEnerny

Whispermate Commercial

Herb Tank

Willy Nelson: Patrick Lyons            
Matthew McConaughey: Mark White          
Miley Cyrus: Sonia Chang-Díaz                   
Vladimir Putin: Michael Maso
Martha Stewart: Emily Rooney
Chris Christie: Tom Stemberg

Pharrell Williams:  Marlon Smith-Jones
Dancers: Melissa Carubia, Rhiannon Espinoza, Shari Hallas, Jenny Lifson, Robin McNamara, Harry McEnerny, Merle Perkins, Kevin Smith, Kathy St. George, Zach Stuart, Holly Tarnower, Veronica Wells

Finale “There’s No Boston Like Our Boston”


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